About Us

Your Online Natural Health Food Store

Natural Food Shop Inc. is an online natural food retailer serving health conscious consumers across the US and Canada. Shop on our website from the comfort of your home, with products delivered right to your door.

Our Story

The owners of Natural Food Shop share a special passion for healthy living. In past years we’ve suffered from various physical ailments which proved to be a direct byproduct of the food we were consuming. After many years of pain and discomfort, we made a positive change in our lives, committing ourselves to a healthier diet that consisted of more natural, unprocessed foods. The results were astounding. In less than a month, our pain had subsided, we had more energy and we were finally living comfortably. Over time we refined our diets even further, as we discovered a world of natural, healthy and delicious products we never knew existed.

Now, like so many other people, we make a point of living as naturally as possible, from the food we eat, to the skincare regimes we follow, to the supplies we use to clean our homes.

Our Team

Natural Food Shop is a business founded on personal wellbeing. Our team is comprised of health professionals and individuals who have transformed their lives through healthy living. Though we have varying backgrounds and interests, we all share a passion for healthy foods and natural products. We know firsthand how great we feel when we maintain the right diet and use chemical-free products. Our lives have drastically improved as a result of the changes we’ve made.

Helping Our Clients

Nothing gives us a greater sense of satisfaction than helping a client in need. New customers turn to Natural Food Shop to replace the over processed and chemical ridden products in their pantries with all-natural and nutrient-rich alternatives. Our educated staff members are here seven days a week to make recommendations and guide you along the path to a more natural, healthy life.

Health and happiness go hand in hand with eating and living more naturally. If you have questions, call us toll free 1 (800) 430-9285 or email us at [email protected].