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Bubble Bath

Eo everyone soap lemon 24958 Save 12%
$5.35 $4.69
Eo everyone ced cit sp 24950 Save 13%
$11.40 $9.89
Eo everyone cucu lem sp 24952 Save 13%
$11.40 $9.89
Eo everyone soap unscnt 24960 Save 13%
$11.40 $9.89

Natural Food Shop is pleased to carry Bubble Bath for both adults and children without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a cheap detergent used in many bath and soap products which can redden and irritate skin, at times provoking an allergic response. carries SLS-free Bubble Baths with delectable scents, and good foaming ability without the use of cheap or harmful surfactants.