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Fiesta Oregano Mexican

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It has been said that Oregano was first brought to the West by soldiers stationed in Italy during WWII, who fell in love with its pizza like flavor. Since then, Oregano has been an adapted and welcomed addition to many dishes.

Oregano is a culinary that has an aromatic and warm flavor. It combines well with grilled or roasted vegetables, most poultry, and also compliments spicy dishes commonly found south of the border. In Mexican dishes, Oregano is often added to enchiladas, chilies, Mexican beans, soups and many dips.

Some authentic Mexican recipes call specifically for Mexican Oregano; however it is not always the easiest product to find at many of the local American grocery stores or markets. Bolner's Fiesta brand Oregano uses 100% Oregano that has been dried to its peak and offers a great substitution for those specific traditional recipes.


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