Raw Fruit Powders


Ethnoscience Organic Baobab Powder
3.9oz / 113g

$12.70   $11.19

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Organic Traditions Maqui Berry Powder
3.5oz / 100g

$23.90   $20.79

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Essential Living Foods Superfood Smoothie Mix
14oz / 411g

$24.95   $21.69

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Essential Living Foods Organic Lucuma Powder
16oz / 454g

$29.35   $25.49

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Natural Food Shop is your source for Raw Fruit Powder. We offer baobab powder, which is made from dried baobab pulp. It is rich in antioxidants, high in fibre, prebiotics, amino acids and fatty acids. Choose from a  113g or 227g package. Buy raw fruit powder to add more nutrition to your smoothies and drinks.