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Homeopathics have been around, formally, since the 19th century. They are remedies designed to work with your body, to stimulate the body's own natural healing processes. Hundreds of Homeopathics are sold globally as over-the-counter medications to assist you to recover from minor illnesses, allergies, conditions, and injuries. Many are routinely recommended by Pharmacists. At lower potencies (30c or under) they are safe, and, as complementary medicine, can be taken alongside any prescription medications you may be taking without interference or side effects. Let Natural Food Shop be your one-stop-shop for homeopathics online.

To help you understand Homeopathic potencies used for First Aid, or to have an immediate, temporary effect on a specific malady or set of symptoms, you will see designations both as X or C (as in 30X or 30c) potency. The 30c potency is really the highest one should use in self-medicating. C and X designations are Roman Numerals, so a C potency is 10 times greater than an X potency. However, a low potency, such as 6X does not imply that it is less effective, it simply depends on the specifc set of symptoms. If symptoms are mild but uncomfortable, a lower potency is usually recommended. 

 In our online catalog of homeopathic remedies, you may find designations of "c" potencies and "ch" potencies. They are the same potency. The "ch" is usually a Canadian designation assuring that these remedies are formulated according to the prescribed method of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the progenitor of homeopathic medicines. In the US, you will find HPUS in the ingredients indicating that the remedy is formulated to the standards of the Convention of Homeopathic Pharmacopeia in the United States. If you see a remedy that has "ch" potency in the title, but the picture is of a "c" potency, they are the same remedy.